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Here, you’ll find firsthand accounts of the transformative journeys experienced by individuals just like you. From overcoming obstacles to embracing newfound resilience, these stories illustrate the profound impact of our compassionate therapy. Take a moment to explore and be inspired by the stories of hope, healing, and growth shared by our valued clients.

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Our Clients

Would Definitely Recommend

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“Dr. Sharon is easy to talk to and helped me work through what I went to see her for. Would definitely recommend. I have now been meeting with her for about a year.”

Samantha Diaz

Cares About Her Clients

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“We have enjoyed working with Dr. von Lentz. She has helped our family tremendously. Appointments are easy to schedule/change; she has been so patient with our ever changing schedule and has been able to fit us in on different days/times as needed. Dr. von Lentz truly cares about her clients and is a fantastic listener; she is empathetic and professional and we highly recommend her to anyone considering counseling.”

Sadhana Nigro

Personal Results

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I have had OCD, PTSD, and clinical depression for 35 years. I have had CBT counseling this whole time. My psychiatrist, Dr. Rosengard, recommended Dr. Sharon to me one and a half years ago. We had in office visits for most of our first year together when we met weekly. My therapy was undisturbed during Covid because she does confidential teleconference video meetings. After one year of meeting weekly, I have gone down to biweekly. I expect that very soon I will go down to once per month. Per my PCP and psychiatrist, my depression is in remission. Dr. Sharon is helping me very much with my OCD. She supported my obtaining EMR therapy for a few months, but I am still working through the somatic issues of my trauma with Dr. Sharon. I highly recommend her based on my personal results.

Susan Marie Mason

Warm and Kind

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“I Highly recommend Dr Sharon. Warm, kind and will make you feel comfortable.”

Debra Sorger